July/August 2015 NEWSLETTER

From the Aerie President
Hello Members,

Summer is here. We had a very good year. Some ups and downs, but we made it and thanks to your continued support.

There were no elections and the new Officers will be taking over in June. For those who haven’t been an Officer in the past, thank you for stepping up to help this Aerie.

I would also like to thank last year’s Officers for doing a great job - without your dedication in everything we do, it wouldn’t happened.

I look forward to working with the new Officers of the Aerie and Auxiliary.

Keep your eyes out for the Calendar for theme’s night for the summer. Please continue supporting our Eagles #3885. We have good things planned and should be lots of fun.

I look forward to serving our members as your President. So please if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any Aerie Officer to answer your questions or concerns.

Thank You,
Gary Copeman, PWP
Aerie President

From the Aerie Secretary
On March 19, 2015, during our Regular/Special Meeting, the members voted to go non-smoking facility, which commenced April 1, 2015. As a result, we are going to wash and paint the Aerie walls, eventually change the ceiling tiles and make other improvements. We will need volunteers, so please contact the President or any of the five Trustees if you can help. This is your chance to support your Aerie. I thank you in advance.

Our Aerie membreship is 974 strong with 30 new applications being processed. The dues are still $40.00, and you can not beat that. Dues are due by the end of October 2015, but you can renew at any time, and you can renew as many years in advance as you wish. If you want your dues card mailed to you, just include a self addressed stamped envelope, and I will mail you your card.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please call me anytime.

Thanks again,
Don Ricigliano, Secretary

From the Auxiliary Secretary
Thank you members for your continued support to the Aerie & Auxiliary. Thank you to all of our members for your support this past year as your Madam President - the Auxiliary had a great year. Thank you Auxiliary members for coming out for the Election.

Thank you Mary Nilson for your two years as Secretary to the Auxiliary and your support and dedication.
Ladies, when you do sign up a new member, the Initiation Fee is now $25.00. Dues also have increased to $31.00 for Benefit Members and $30.00 for Non-Benefit Members.
Keep your eyes on the Calendar. I know our Madam President, Beverly Boyt, will come up with some great Theme Nights for our Club.

June will bring Father’s Day, and there will be festivities on July 4th at the Aerie.
If you should have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Carol Weeks, PMP
Madam President

From The Florida State Dog Chain Club
“Woof, Woof”
Donations were from: Bob & Irene Antilla (a bunch twice), Ed & Sue Rosa (twice), Carol & Kelly Weeks, John Benoit & Vicky Neiding, and Bernie Adams. Also the person who dropped two large bags (no name, so I could not give you regnoition), and a huge bundle from Marsha Church and the American Legion.
Our Penny’s for Puppies Jar will be leaving on June 15th for the State Convention. Please drop your change before June 15th. Thanks to all of members for your dedication and saving the tabs, and putting dropping your change for the Puppies.

Ray Banaszewski


Meeting Schedule, Hours and Address
Englewood Eagles #3885
250 Old Englewood Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223
Aerie (941) 474-9802
Fax (941) 474-3410
Auxiliary (941) 475-1921

Aerie Secretary Phone/Fax  (941) 460-6090
Aerie Hours
Sun: 10am-9pm
Mon: 10am-10pm
Tues: 10am-11pm
Wed-Thur: 10am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-12mid
Aerie Mtgs:
1st & 3rd Thurs. at 7pm
Aux. Mtgs:
2nd & 4th Thurs. at 7pm

Aerie Officers For 2014-2015 Auxiliary Officers For 2014-2015

Jr. Past President - Don Cunningham
President - Gary Copeman
Vice President - Ken Davis
Chaplain - Gregory Canchola
Secretary - Don Ricigliano
Treasurer - Vernon Stein
Conductor - Jim Pollock
Inside Guard - John Benoit

3-Year Trustee - Dean Wright
1-Year Trustee - Tim Ceren
1-year Trustee - Ed Rosa
1-Year Trustee - Jerry Phaneuf
1-Year Trustee - Clayton Hall
Auditor - Rudy Anderson

Eagle of the Year - Ron Osterberg
Father of the Year - Ed Rosa
Brother of the Year - Dean Wright

Jr. Past President - Sarah Baker
President - Carol Weeks
Vice President - Beverly Boyt
Chaplain - Kathryn Sanders
Secretary - Mary Nilson
Treasurer - Marjean Poehnelt
Conductor - "Edie" Dougherty
Inside Guard - Jamie Davis
Outside Guard - Gwen Runstadler

1-Year Trustee - Anita Coleman
1-Year Trustee - Sue Rosa
1-Year Trustee - Linda Stearns
Auditor - Kathie Howell

Mother of the Year - Linda Osterberg
Woman of the Year - Kathryn Sanders
Sister of the Year - Mary Nilson
Father of the Year - Ray Banaszewski
Pop's of the Year - Ron Osterberg